5 tips on Making Money

blogging-336376_1280Ever stuck on your dead end low paying job every day? Yes, we do feel like we are under appreciated in our jobs because it pays us a little, even though the job itself is heavy and a burden. Worry no more because here are some tips on how to make more money and managing your own finances.

  1. Demand a raise

A practical yet one solution that needs practice because it is considered one risky way, demanding a raise from your employer is one of the most stressful career moves because it demands defending your worth as an employee.

If you feel that you are not getting the pay you deserve in your current job, experts suggest that you demand a salary increase. However, with a demand of salary increase being done, more job responsibilities and tasks you will face because of your higher paycheck.  When it comes to defending your worth, it is one of the most difficult career negotiating tactics around which is why you must be prepared in facing your boss’ tough questions to defend yourself and your worth as an employee.

  1. Online jobs and part times

Because of technology nowadays, research-based websites can pay people to answer their online surveys and are getting paid. Also fit for students who are struggling to balance work and school, website developers can pay people just by answering research surveys, playing and testing interactive online game prototypes, and even watch their demo videos and comment on that. Others have participated in writing content articles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Websites which can pay them a heft of money after submitting online articles fit for that keyword they have given. Some also utilize their old school notes and scan, and upload them to scholarly websites and blogs for students.

  1. Home business

Whether you like to cook, sew, and make do-it-yourself arts and crafts, you can sell items online through the web in your own home. With the help of social media like Facebook, and blogger, you can upload fantastic items you want to sell and negotiate with your buyer regarding the price and where you will meet up or how the money will be transacted and exchanged.

  1. Set up a food stand

If you have kids at home, you can whip up lemonade for a lemonade stand, or a chocolate brownie selling business outside your doorstep or even on delivery, a food stand can be a brilliant option to make more money on your own pace. Give yourself a break and whip up new foods to sell to kids and their parents as well.

  1. Save and Invest

As much as it is hard to earn and have money, the most important tip on making one is to save and invest it for the long term. After the money you have earned even for a short while, saving it on your bank account is one practical way and in case of emergency, you can just lean on to that saved money you stored.

You should also read the suggested ways of making money by Forbes. You will find out there are a lot more ways, even more effective to make more money for yourself.